Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colorful Diamond

Bag: Thrifted

So, I got this watch for my sister for christmas & I kind of steal it.... all the time.
So, win win?
She got a black one too, so maybe it's okay that I always steal the brown one. Maybe not. Either way I don't care too much, cause I love it.

I'm only posting my breakfast (which was SO yummy) because I had a boring sandwich for lunch and I have yet to eat dinner.
My workout for the day was 20 minutes of cardio and a few machines. I've had the flu all week so I'm trying to slowly get back into my routine. It started with throwing up while I was AT the gym and then I was bedridden the rest of the week. It has not been a good time. Sorry to get gross,

Anyways, an omelet is what I had for breakfast. I use this egg substitute with is like more than half the calories of regular eggs so my whole breakfast was only like 100 calories. 

Sorry for such a quick post, I have church tonight!

XOXO, Kay.