Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For Thought

Striped shirt: Thrifted
Dress: J. Crew
Bag/Shoes/Sunglasses: Target

Food for the Day:
For breakfast: Special K berry cereal with a bananna
Snack: Blueberry Bliss Luna Bar
(I actually hate bars, but I love these) They're 140 calories so I usually split it in half and eat one half between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner.
Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwhich, Half of a green pepper.
I use olive mayonaise (very low calories), mustard (0 cals), chopped up pickles instead of relish (5 calories for 20 pickles) And the bread is 90 calories for two peices so I usually count this sandwhich for 200 calories, to be safe.
Dinner: Sweet Potato Soup
I know it doesn't look too pleasing to the eye, but it's actually so good! It has sweet potatoes, chicken broth, chicken, and beans. So good. AND very little calories. I work tonight so it's something easy to throw into a container and heat up on my break!

Since I had to work tonight, I just ran 3 miles outside. It wasnt TOO cold today, so I took advantage of being able to run outside. Which I like ten times better than running inside.
Psalm 9:10
  Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.
I like this verse because it's just a reminder that God's not going to leave you or forsake you when you need him and you're seeking after him. God won't leave you in your time of need and trouble.
Just something to think about.
XOXO, Kay.


  1. hey thankyou for the comment on my blog, would you like to follow each?:) xxx

  2. I love:
    - this outfit (a lot)
    - the name of your blog
    - your blog in general
    - the sweet comment you left me!
    - and the fact that we both live in the Ozarks.



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